How long does costume jewelry last?

First off let me say that the majority of this below is an article posted on a paparazzi consultants blog page. Paparazzi is a direct sales company where women can join and buy the jewelry to resell themselves wherever they please online or in person. That said, here is link to the original content and here is a link to my favorite paparazzi consultant named Whitney! Paparazzi has amazing costume jewelry pieces that are just $5!

So whats the difference between what we offer at Eveland Boutique and what my girl Whitney offers? Well we are an independent boutique, not with any other company, and our costume pieces are hand selected from MANY different sources, wherever we see something we love, no matter if its hand made, vintage, or mass produced, we can snag it and bring it to you! Here is a brief summary you'll find on the listings of our Boho inspired jewelry that we carry: Also worth noting, we don't load ALL our jewelry to this site, that's impossible since our boutique has always operated from LIVE sales! We do most new inventory LIVE first to our customers via social media. Most often (unless we have ordered some JUST for the website) we will sell out via our lives, to get first dibs make sure you FOLLOW US on social media everywhere we can be found by searching @shoptaraeveland   Now back to what the listings for our jewelry looks like LOL....


Our Jewelry is hand selected from multi sources online and in person. Some we source from handmade pieces from different artists, others we are finding at estate auctions, our own manufacturers in LA & NY, and anywhere else we find pieces that we fall in love with and would personally wear. Our selection is chosen with the following in mind: Unique. Boho Inspired. Natural Stones. Chucky. Vintage. Statement. We pick pieces that are meant to pair well with those more expensive pieces we all own. My own Grandmother loved costume jewelry, now my daughter is getting older and loving it as well which has inspired my own love for it. We're happy to share that with you now in our jewelry collection.

Material: Semi-precious Stone Slice. Quartz. Natural Beads.
(Each listing goes on to tell you about the piece)

Length: 36'

Metals Type: Gold Plated

Necklace Type: Overhead Pendant 


Now, I've been asked a few times about our return policy for this jewelry. It's simple, it's the same as with the clothing. Please see our RETURN page for more info on the policy. We've yet to have any issues but I thought it super relevant to share this article I had pinned to my Pintrest board forever and just loved! Its a great read and explains a lot about costume jewelry in general!

The following article was not written by myself (Tara Eveland). Please read my notes added with BOLD and UPPERCASE in () throughout the article!

"Paparazzi jewelry is just $5 per piece. But how long does Paparazzi jewelry last? What kind of quality do you get for $5? Will it turn your skin green?  It’s okay. Go ahead and ask those questions because we have all thought them! Let me answer some questions for you and show some physical evidence as well.

First of all, the jewelry retails for $5 per piece. Obviously, this is not meant to be heirloom jewelry passed down from generation to generation.  Fashion jewelry is intended to be worn throughout fashion trends, for special occasions, and as timeless “go-to” pieces. Generally, fashion jewelry is purchased when you need “just the thing” for a vacation dress or date night.  I’ve had many brides purchase fashion jewelry for their bridal parties or as gifts because it is gorgeous and saves them money. (May I suggest Love Story?) Your Paparazzi jewelry will not last you forever but you should definitely get a good amount of wear from it.

Below is a picture of the very first Paparazzi necklace my mom gave me 4 years ago and is the reason for me embarking on this whole journey.  This necklace is from before Paparazzi gave names to their jewelry – that tells you something!  Oh, I loved this necklace. I thought it was so gorgeous and I wore it pretty much every day the first couple months after I received it. Although it doesn’t get worn quite as frequently now it is still one of my favorites. I love the mixture of the pearls and the crystal beads and the heavier chain. (Seems silly to gush on about a necklace but at the time . . . it made me feel so pretty and I desperately needed that feeling.) I took this photo with my phone and did not edit it so you can see truly how well it has held up for over 4 years!

how long does paparazzi jewelry last tangled

Fashion jewelry has the reputation of causing breakouts or turning your skin green.  Paparazzi jewelry can stand out in this department, however!  The jewelry is lead and nickel-free. (SO IS EVELAND BOUTIQUE! :)  While no one can gaurantee you won't break out, it depends on how sensitive your skin truly is, you know your body better than anyone though! Listen to it.

Will it turn you green?  Most likely not.  Whether or not our skin turns green in reaction to jewelry is actually primarily dependent on our individual body chemistry. You may even notice different reactions depending on where you are at in your menstrual cycle. To prevent discoloration you can apply a thin layer of clear nail polish directly to the metal wherever it will touch your skin.  Keep the accessories dry (avoid sweating and swimming in them).Personally, I have only ever had a couple rings slightly discolor my skin but that is because I was not careful in keeping them dry.

When you see the jewelry in person you will automatically notice differences in styles, chain links and attachments.  If a necklace is very long with a dainty chain take extra care to not snag it on something. As a consultant we can return items to Paparazzi that arrive broken in our new orders. I have only had to do this a handful of times in nearly 4 years. If something “breaks” it is more often than not simply an o-ring that has jostled loose and this is a very easy fix. (SAME FOR EVELAND BOUTIQUE AND THIS IS WHY OUR RETURN POLICY STANDS. IF IT ARRIVES BROKEN PLEASE LET ME KNOW OF COURSE!!!)

How long will Paparazzi jewelry last? If you take care of the accessories, they will take care of you. Avoid sleeping, swimming, showering and sweating in the jewelry.  If you have any problems with paparazzi jewelry be sure to contact your consultant." - End of article you can read here!

Alright cool! Ready to shop?! 

Now that you know what to expect from our Boho inspired picks at Eveland Boutique,  come join me in The Insiders Club for first dibs on new accessories and unadvertised promotions. Click the link or the image below to join!


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