Eveland Boutique History

If you've ever had a blog then you feel my pain, the first post is always the weirdest and hardest to write. Obviously, I'd love to dive right into content and what we have planned for the season so let me just get this out of the way with the obligatory 'who we are' first post. I'll keep this short and sweet, I promise.

My name is Tara Eveland, I'm a wife and mother to 3 human kiddos and 1 adopted furbaby. We started our boutique in 2016 with some modest goals and intentions. We wanted to stop living paycheck to paycheck, provide a better lifestyle for our children, and pay off debt all while giving myself something to do in addition to being 'Mom' (which is the best job EVER I might add:) . In the first month it was clear to us that this adventure we started on would not only meet our financial needs, but would be so much more. The boutique became a source of motivation, purpose, and a creative outlet where I could express my individual style and do what I loved while providing an income and staying at home to raise my children. 

In the summer of 2017 my family and I made the decision to pack up and leave our home state of Illinois to see what the West could offer us. Our first move was to Utah. I had visited Utah a few times in the past year and fell in love with the Mountains there. My husband was able to secure a great job with Google Fiber where he is Foreman over the city of Provo. We are now planning another move this summer to what we consider our 'final home' in gorgeous Colorado.

Our boutique has been entirely family ran the past year and a half with each child having their own set of 'work' to help out with, and my husband also pitching in with shipping when needed. Recently, we have added in a virtual assistant to better serve our growing customer base and assist on our live sales which can get a bit crazy sometimes. 

You can find us on Facebook and Instagram by searching ' @shoptaraeveland '. We're also on Pintrest if you hang out there. 

If you want to catch a LIVE SHOW we have those every Friday evening at 6 MST via our FB business page! We hope you'll come hang out and see the new styles each week live and in color. We play games for prizes, do giveaways, and I try on each style to show the fit and sizes in 'real life'! Come hang out and give our page a follow while you're there! Click HERE to go there now! 


  • I know you do as I watch you more An more An the little ones come in on some lives with us I see a glow on your face as I have a smile on mine you are a great mother & Home run business lady I love watching you An the interacting with all of us ladies I love hearing your real stories how life really is!😊 I just love your look on life An your honesty & business! 🙏✌️🦋

    Tammy Dutton
  • Congratulations! What fun to have a business that fits around your family and lets you be mom first business owner second!

    Julia Slike

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