What we're loving right now: Stripes and Florals

Heading into the SS2018 season we couldn't be happier with the trends we see emerging. Of course there's plenty of florals, stripes, polka dots, and more seasonal favorites in new styles we know you will love.

Of all the fashion we see being created, our favorite thing at the moment has to be the florals paired with stripes, or polka dots, I don't mind either one to be honest LOL. 

Enjoy some sneak peeks of our incoming inventory for our SS2018 collection at Eveland Boutique! We have this and MORE coming in this favorite mash up of trends this month!

We'd love to read your comments here about your favorite piece!

 Selina Knot Top Weekender HoodiePocket Tee 


Selina Knot Top

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